Grace Costa



Grace Costa’s photographic career has spanned over 18 years in contemporary art . She completed her formal studies in photography at Canberra Institute of Technology back in 2000 and has built a multi-award-winning portfolio since then. In 2014, “Portrait of ­­­Minika” ensured a finalist position for Grace in the prestigious National Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition.

Grace has featured in numerous respected Australian print publications.

She exhibits in both solo and group shows in galleries around Australia, with work acquired for private collections worldwide and has spent the last 11 years as a senior photographer for The Department of Defence.

Grace’s most recent and successful exhibition HORSE travelled around Australia in 2016-2017 and subsequently landed her an invitation to present a TEDx Canberra talk in September 2017 titled “Connecting to your creative truth through personal story”.

Grace’s passion for the art of photography is contagious as she shares with her students a way to think about photography as a form of self-expression and storytelling. 

Testimonial- “Grace has been the most warm and engaging teacher, she has made it so easy for me to learn and has never once made me feel uncomfortable. She has encouraged me beyond belief- Sarah Walsh photography student


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